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Burrowing Owl brochure

Download the new brochure, "Burrowing Owls of Marco" by clicking HERE.

History of Burrowing Owls on Marco Island

When Nancy Richie, Environmental Specialist for the City of Marco Island, began monitoring owls in 2001, only a handful were present on the island.

From, 2001 to the present, posting and oversight by Nancy Richie and the Owl Prowl (maintenance crew volunteers) have helped the city's burrowing owl population grow to over 400, even with urban development at an all time high.

Since Mrs. Richie's departure to the private sector, Audubon of the Western Everglades is proud to sponsor this dynamic population to help protect this charismatic species of special concern.

Florida's burrowing owls dig their burrows in vacant lots and open spaces and are year-round residents. The local population breeds between February and July but some do rear their young outside of these months. Special permits are required for removal or relocation of burrows. Burrowing owls can be of special benefit in urban settings since they consume insects including roaches and mole crickets. They also eat amphibians and rodents.

Burrowing Owls facts

  • Only species of owl to live underground
  • Burrows are up to 3 feet deep and 5-12 feet long.
  • Return to the same burrows each year
  • Once partners are chosen, they mate for life
  • Oldest known owl was 9 years, 11 months
  • About 9 inches tall, the size of a water bottle
  • Diurnal and nocturnal, hunting day and night
  • Protected under Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, are a Florida species of special concern, and are a protected species through a CMI ordinance

Please report malicious destruction or harassment of burrowing owls or their burrows to

FWC 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)

How do you get involved:

  • Sponsor the Owl Prowl maintenance crew and Owl Watch by donating to AWE for a business sponsorship, equipment need to maintain the burrows, signs to post at burrows and supplies needed to mark around a burrow area.
  • Monitor a neighborhood during nesting season. Training will be provided.
  • If you want to attract a burrow in your yard, we can supply you with a starter burrow kit.
  • E-mail owlwatchmarco@gmail.com to get more information.

Please help us save these beautiful creatures!

Help Marco's Burrowing Owls with a donation to provide supplies such as rope, posts, signs, and lawn care to maintain the grassy areas around the burrows.

and thank you to our corporate/family sponsors who continue to support our Owl Watch Program.

ADOPT A BURROW! Click HERE to learn how.


Sponsorship for the 2018 Nesting Season

For a $100 sponsorship donation, you will receive a certificate stating which burrow on Marco Island you have adopted, your name will be listed on our Adopt-a-Burrow page, and you will receive a packet of six original photographs of Burrowing Owl note cards as well as pictures of your owls at their burrow before nesting time and after nesting season. Nesting season is typically February through July.

By sponsoring a burrow, you will help us continue to protect this Florida Species of Special Concern by contributing to roping of the burrow area and maintaining the burrow.

Thank you for your support, and please write "Adopt-a-Burrow" on your check before sending your sponsorship donation to

Audubon of the Western Everglades
P.O. Box 1738
Naples, FL 34106

Adopt a Burrow Sponsors

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Patricia Bungert

Chris Curle

Paul & Sharyn Kampmeyer

George Purvis Jared & Elsa Grifoni Terrence & Andrea McCreanor Kitty Argobright 

Scott & Kristine Karl


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